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Educated Guesses: Week 11

on Thu, 11/08/2012 - 9:34am
By Scott Michaux

Love this story from Jeff Schultz of the AJC about Mark Richt’s ailing hip.


Well, I don’t really love it for Richt, but it’s a good story.


Richt apparently is suffering to the point where he needs a hip replacement after this season. It was not from an old football injury.


“It’s a swing set injury,” he confessed to Schultz.


On family picnic in Indiana in either his mid-20s (according to him) or early 30s (according to his wife, Katharyn), Richt was trying to impress said wife with his swinging prowess.


“I was trying to show her what a good swinger I was,” he told Schultz. “I was swinging really high on a big heavy swing set with those big heavy chains. Sometimes if you go super high, on the way back you get a little bit of that lag. You’ve got those big S-hooks on top, and you’re swinging, and I swung enough to where the one on the left came out. So it comes out, but I didn’t know. I’m still on the swing. So when I come back down, the chain on [on the right] stayed taut and the other one just goes. I turned sideways and the first thing that hits the ground is my left hip. Just smashed it.


“It was traumatic. I mean, when I hit I was like, ‘I think I broke it.’ I couldn’t hardly breathe. Sometimes with an injury like that you get a full-body sweat and a little nauseous. But the pain kind of went away and I went about my business, until about a year and a half ago.”


There’s more to why that pain started back.


“P90x,” he confessed again of the popular DVD workouts. “I thought I just had a hip-flexor injury. But I said if I quit now I’m just going to get fat. So I just kept doing it.”


Having trouble sleeping on the hip at night, his doctors said the replacement surgery was his best option once he couldn’t stand it any more,


Thanks for the story, Jeff.


So let that be a lesson to all the young fathers out there. Even if you survived being a teenager or playing football or some other athletic or juvenile pursuit, those swingsets can be a hip trap for 200-pound guys pretending to be skinny 12-ear-olds again.


As for other traps, on to Week 11’s educated guesses:


Georgia @ Auburn: It would be humiliating to get this close and get rolled in Toomer’s Corner. BULLDOGS 37, Tigers 6.


Arkansas @ South Carolina: The Hogs that typically give S.C. trouble are competitively bankrupt without Petrino. GAMECOCKS 30, Razorbacks 10.


Maryland @ Clemson: Terps has no offense and Tigers have tons of it. Blowout. TIGERS 52, Terrapins 13.


Georgia Tech @ North Carolina: This could go a long way to redefining season. TAR HEELS 42, Yellow Jackets 38.


Texas A&M @ Alabama: Johnny Football meets the immovable object. CRIMSON TIDE 28, Aggies 17.


Mississippi State @ LSU: If Zach Mettenberger is finally figuring it out, LSU won't be entirely one-dimensional. BAYOU BENGALS 24, Tigers 13.


Florida State @ Virginia Tech: Clemson needs a big upset here. Probably won’t happen. SEMINOLES 38, Hokies 20.


Kansas State @ TCU: If Colin Klein doesn’t play or is limited, this could be the trap. WILDCATS 42, Horned Frogs 35.


Oregon State @ Stanford: The precursor to decide which one may be Oregon’s biggest threat the next two weeks. CARDINAL 38, Beavers 35.


Howard @ Georgia Southern: This is no pushover game against the MEAC, but Southern should handle it after disappointing loss to App State. EAGLES 24, Bison 17.


Georgia State @ Maine: Last chance to send Bill Curry out with a victory. BLACK BEARS 27, Panthers 24.



Winners: Georgia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Texas A&M, Auburn, Miami, Oregon, Old Dominion

Losers: Texas Tech, Georgia Southern


YEAR TO DATE: 77-33 (.700)


2011 record: 115-51 (.693)


2010 record: 97-49 (.664)